SIX STAR Homes: For regular people with exceptional values

Specialists in modest, super-insulated homes

Got Home?

We specialize in building affordable, superinsulated homes for singles, couples, and small families.

If you're in one of the categories above, you face tough choices. . . and you probably already know what you don't want:

  • A dry cabin in the boonies
  • An oversized, high mortgage house
  • Leaky, 2x6 construction
  • Heating bills over $500/month

What we provide:

  • A full bath and kitchen
  • A house close to UAF and town
  • The right size; less than rent
  • Superinsulation; low energy costs

USDA offers zero down loans for qualified buyers and AHFC offers low interest loans. Paperwork is already on file at Mt. Mckinley Bank.

The energy rating projects total costs for heating, hot water, and electric to average under $200 a month compared to typical costs of $500-$1000 a month.

It's your future. Why shackle yourself to a big mortgage? Be healthy, put money in the bank, and buy new to avoid expensive repairs.

About Six Star Homes


We specialize in building modestly sized, super-insulated homes.

What's a six star rating?